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Fig. 1

From: Efficacy of mistletoe extract as a complement to standard treatment in advanced pancreatic cancer: study protocol for a multicentre, parallel group, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial (MISTRAL)

Fig. 1

Schedule of enrolment, interventions and assessments

1 Or as close to this date as possible

2 Phone call by study nurse

3 Three subcutaneous injections per week with placebo/ME; dose escalation from 0.01mg to 20mg

4 At screening visit: general condition, heart, lungs, abdomen and icterus (yes/no). At subsequent visits at least abdomen, icterus (yes/no) and general condition

5 Access is documented; referral if medical need for access

6 Recorded by participants in study-specific patient diary: n total parenteral nutrition infusions per week, n visits from palliative home care team per week, consumption of n dietitian-prescribed nutritional supplement drinks per day, injections, dosage, interruptions of study treatment, comments

7 Voluntary for participants at end of study

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