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Table 1 Schedule of assessments

From: TILT: Time-Lapse Imaging Trial—a pragmatic, multi-centre, three-arm randomised controlled trial to assess the clinical effectiveness and safety of time-lapse imaging in in vitro fertilisation treatment

  Baseline Day of egg collection (D0) Day of fertilisation check (D1) Days 3, 5 and optionally day 6 Routine visit to fertility unit approx. 2 weeks after embryo transfer Approx. 8 weeks of gestation Approx. 24 weeks of gestation Approx. 6 weeks after the expected due date
Informed consent X        
Confirmation of informed consent   X       
Baseline demographic and clinical data X        
Randomisation and confirmation to randomised participants    X      
Ineligible consented participants informed    X      
Embryo grading; transfer if appropriate     X     
Documentation of morphokinetic parameters (arm 1 only)     X     
Pregnancy test outcome      X    
Elective single embryo transfer rate      X    
Clinical pregnancy rate       X   
Multiple pregnancy rate       X   
Miscarriage rate        X  
Live birth rate         X
Stillbirth rate         X
Multiple birth rate         X
Serious adverse events    X   X X X X