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Table 3 Characteristics of interview participants

From: Understanding and optimising patient and public involvement in trial oversight: an ethnographic study of eight clinical trials

Participant IDRoleTrial(s) involved in (subject area), where applicable
01TSC Chair1, 2 (oncology)
02*Project lead1, 5 (oncology)
03TSC coordinator #11, 2 (oncology)
04TSC coordinator #21, 2 (oncology)
05*Sponsor representative1, 2 (oncology)
06*Sponsor representative1, 2 (oncology)
07*Trial manager1 (oncology)
08*CI2 (oncology)
09*Trial manager2 (oncology)
10*Trial manager3 (arthritis)
11*Statistician3 (arthritis)
12*Trial manager3 (arthritis)
13Statistician3 (arthritis)
14CI3 (arthritis)
15TSC Chair3 (arthritis)
16*Trial manager4 (frailty)
17TSC Chair4 (frailty)
18CI4 (frailty)
19TMG Chair4 (frailty)
20*TMG member4 (frailty)
21*Trial manager5 (oncology)
22Statistician5 (oncology)
23*CI5 (oncology)
24*Independent TSC member5 (oncology)
25Independent TSC member5 (oncology)
26*Trial manager6 (urology)
27*Trial manager6 (urology)
28*Statistician6 (urology)
29*CI6 (urology)
30*TSC Chair6 (urology)
31*Independent TSC member6 (urology)
32*TMG member6 (urology)
33*Trial manager7 (psychology)
34*CI7 (psychology)
35*Public contributor7 (psychology)
36*TSC Chair7 (psychology)
37*Statistician7 (psychology)
38*TSC Member7 (psychology)
39CTU Director7 (psychology)
40*Trial manager7 (psychology)
41*Trial manager8 (oncology)
42*Chair8 (oncology)
43a*Public contributor8 (oncology)
43b*Public contributor8 (oncology)
44Statistician8 (oncology)
45*Sponsor representative8 (oncology)
46*CI of other trial/member of TSCsn/a
47*Funder representativen/a
48Sponsor representativen/a
49*Funder representativen/a
51*Funder representativen/a
  1. CI Chief Investigator, CTU clinical trials unit, TMG trial management group, TSC trial steering committee
  2. *Interviewee discussed PPI