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Table 2 Randomised trials facing challenges and public contributors

From: Understanding and optimising patient and public involvement in trial oversight: an ethnographic study of eight clinical trials

Trial numberClinical area/populationMeetings observedPublic contributors at meetingDiscussion of PPI if no contributors at meeting observedPPI in the trial reported by interviewees, if not observed
1Oncology00xxOn TMG, although not at meeting observed
2Oncologyx0xOn TMG.
3Arthritis00xPrevious involvement of a public member, trying to recruit a new member
4Frailty00xConfusion as to whether certain trial interactions with patients counted as PPI. Patient charity representative invited to TSC meetings with poor attendance.
  1. PPI patient and public involvement, TMG trial management group, TSC trial steering committee, n/a not applicable, − not observed
  2. *Public contributors interviewed. Different public contributors were present at the TMG and the TSC of both trials 7 and 8 for a total of 7 public contributors observed in meetings