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Table 1 Patient and Public Involvement related questioning within interviews*

From: Understanding and optimising patient and public involvement in trial oversight: an ethnographic study of eight clinical trials

Questioning for trialists/funder representatives/sponsor representatives
 Views of PPI and actual impact on trial conduct decisions
 Role of PPI on the TMG/TSC
 Background of public members on the TMG/TSC
 Reasons for selecting public members to be part of the TMG/TSC
 Views on which committee (TMG/TSC) public members are best placed to contribute
Questioning for public contributors
 Experience in trial oversight committees
 Their understanding of their role in the committee
 Examples of how they perceived they had influenced trial conduct
 How they felt during oversight meetings
  1. PPI patient and public involvement, TMG trial management group, TSC trial steering committee
  2. *Extracted from interview topic guides