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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Protocol for a randomised controlled trial to investigate the effect of home- and gym-based resistance exercise training on glycaemic control, body composition and muscle strength

In order to be considered eligible for participation in the study they must:
Criterion Characteristic of eligible participants
1 Be male or female aged ≥ 21 years at time of consent
2 Have physician diagnosed type 2 diabetes (HbA1c of 48 mmol/mol or over)
3 Have had no changes in anti-diabetic medication in the last 3 months
4 Have a BMI < 5 kg m−2
5 Have a blood pressure < 160/100 mmHg
6 Not be receiving insulin therapy
7 No currently, or in the last year, be participating in any vigorous aerobic activity (> 1 h per week)—defined a activity requiring a large amount of effort which causes rapid breathing and a substantial increase in heart rate
8 Not currently be participating in any resistance exercise training
9 Be a Kuwaiti resident
10 Not have any other condition that prevents exercising safely