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Table 2 Measures, data collection methods and timeframe

From: The PRINTEMPS study: protocol of a cluster-randomized controlled trial of the local promotion of a smartphone application and associated website for the prevention of suicidal behaviors in the adult general population in France

MeasureData collection methodPeriodicity of collectiona
M0 M1M2M3M6M12M24
Outcomes measured at the cluster level
Number of deaths by suicide and suicide attemptsDatabase of the epidemiology center for medical causes of deaths for deaths by suicide and extraction from the French National Hospital Discharge Database and the Oscour database recording visits to emergency departments for suicide attemptsX     XX
Fixed costs for the development of the promotion tools and semi-fixed costs for the implementation of the tailored interventionData collected by the research team and local authorities      XX
Outcomes measured among users of the StopBlues program
  T0 or M0T0’bT1T2T3T6T12
T24 or M24
Number of downloads and connectionsSoftware analytics      XX
Length of use (time-lapse between the registration and the last connection)Software analytics      XX
Proportion of users hearing about the StopBlues program through the different communication channelsAd hoc questionnaireX       
Proportion of users who registered for a relative and not for themselvesAd hoc questionnaireX       
Proportion of users who completed a safety planSoftware analytics      XX
Level of psychological distressGHQ-12X XXXXXX
Level of depressioncPHQ-9X XXXXXX
Level of anxietycGAD-7X XXXXXX
Level of suicidal riskbMINI suicidality module XXXXXXX
Level of a relative’s depression (for users coming for a relative and not for themselves)MADRSX       
Level of health-related quality of lifeSF-12X XXXXXX
Help-seeking behaviors and participation in supportive activitiesAd hoc questionnaire adapted from the General Help-seeking Questionnaire (GHSQ)X XXXXXX
  1. GAD-7 7-item General Anxiety Disorder, GHQ-12 12-item General Health Questionnaire, MADRS Montgomery-Asberg Depression Scale, PHQ-9 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire, SF-12 12-item Short Form health survey
  2. aM0, M1, etc. refer to the time-lapse in month to the launch of the intervention while T0, T1, etc. refer to the time-lapse in month to the first connection of the user to the StopBlues program
  3. bT0’ corresponds to the first time that the MINI suicidality module is submitted to the user (this only happens if the user has a bad score at the PHQ-9 and/or at the GAD-7 and/or for the Likert scales of the mood-tracking system which are not used in the evaluation) so T0’ can, therefore, differ from T0. In the case of the level of suicidal risk, T1, T2, T3, T6, T12 and T24, therefore, corresponds to the time after T0’ and not T0
  4. cDepression and anxiety will be measured if the GHQ-12 score suggests potential psychological distress