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Table 1 REOX trial inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Antioxidant dressing therapy versus standard wound care in chronic wounds (the REOX study): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
• Patients over 18 years of age
• Patients with leg ulcers (venous, ischaemic, traumatic or diabetic foot ulcer)
• Patients with dehisced surgical wounds healing by second intention
• Patients with pressure ulcers
• Wound area between 1 and 250 cm2 (wounds larger than 250 cm2 are very unusual and outside the scope of this kind of treatment and therefore we decided to exclude it since such a large wound could be more difficult to heal)
• Systemic inflammatory disease or oncological disease
• Wounds with clinical signs of infection
• Terminal situation (life expectancy less than 6 months)
• Ulcers from other aetiologies: tumours, infectious
• Wounds treated with negative pressure therapy
• Pregnancy
• History of sensitivity or allergy to any of the components of the study dressing