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Table 1 Elements of the MoVo-LISA program

From: A group- and smartphone-based psychological intervention to increase and maintain physical activity in patients with musculoskeletal conditions: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (“MoVo-App”)

Components Time of event Duration Content/aim
First group meeting Days 1–3 after clinic admission 60 min To reflect on health goals and ideas for physical activity
Homework After first group meeting To prepare an individual activity plan
One-to-one interview 1 week after first group meeting 10 min To refine the individual activity plan
Second group meeting 1–3 days before clinic discharge 90 min To discuss barriers and barrier management to establish an activity protocol
Postal reminder 3 weeks after discharge   To remind patients of the two activity plans and the importance of their individual barrier management
Telephone call 5–6 weeks after discharge 10 min To check the implementation of the activity plans and barrier management and to offer support in case of problems