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Table 1 Inclusion and non-inclusion criteria

From: Does internal limiting membrane peeling during epiretinal membrane surgery induce microscotomas on microperimetry? Study protocol for PEELING, a randomized controlled clinical trial

Inclusion criteriaNon-inclusion criteria
Adult patients (aged > 18 years), woman without childbearing potential or active contraception (intrauterine device, contraceptive pill, or contraceptive implant) Patient with other retinal pathologies such as age-related macular degeneration (“AMD”), retinal vein occlusion, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma with macular visual field defect
Patients with an idiopathic symptomatic epimacular membrane; for patients with both eyes affected, the treated eye in the protocol will be the one that is most severely affected Patients with uveitis or a history of uveitis
Pseudophakic patients with transparent posterior capsule or open capsule or lensed patients with age-related cataracts Patients with any recent eye injuries or eye surgeries (< 6 months)
Patients with social security Patients participating in interventional clinical trial
Patients able to understand and follow the trial instructions Pregnant or breastfeeding women
Patients who have signed an informed consent Vulnerable people: persons deprived of liberty, under trusteeship, or under curatorship