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Table 1 Outcome parameters

From: Implementation and evaluation of a nurse-led decision-coaching program for healthy breast cancer susceptibility gene (BRCA1/2) mutation carriers: a study protocol for the randomized controlled EDCP-BRCA study

  Study period
Enrolment   Allocation Post-allocation
Timepoint   Directly after inclusion   1 week after inclusion Within 3 weeks after inclusion 12 weeks after inclusion 6 months after inclusion
 Eligibility screen X       
 Informed consent X       
 Allocation    X     
 Decision aid     X    
 Decision coaching      X   
Assessments   t0     t1 t2
 Control Preferences Scale
  Desired role   X      
  Actual role       X  
  Satisfaction       X  
 Decisional Conflict Scale   X     X X
 Multidimensional Measure of Informed Choice
  Attitudes   X     X X
  Knowledge   X     X X
 Stage of Decision Making Scale   X     X X
 Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale   X     X X
 Coping Self-Efficacy Scale   X     X X
 Impact of Event Scale   X     X X
 BRCA Self-Concept Scale   X     X X