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Table 1 Schedule of enrollment, interventions, and outcome assessment

From: The efficacy of different treatment approaches for pediatric OSAHS patients with mandibular retrognathia: study protocol for a multicenter randomized controlled trial

Action/timepoint Enrollment Baseline survey
(M 0)
Randomization Treatment Follow-up (M 7) Follow-up (M 12) Follow-up (M 24)
Informed consent       
Demographic characteristics       
Medical history       
Physical examination       
Questionnaire (OSA-20)       
Lateral cephalometrics     
Confirm suitability for study        
Drug treatment        
Surgical treatment        
Orthodontic treatment        
Surgery and postoperative orthodontic treatment        
 Symptom changes     
 Questionnaire (OSA-20)     
 Cephalometric measurements     
 Morphologic analysis of UA     
 Safety assessment