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Table 1 Coding framework

From: Implementing self-management: a mixed methods study of women’s experiences of a postpartum hypertension intervention (SNAP-HT)

Access to healthcareAppointmentsGP
Practice nurse
Continuity of care
Handover of care
Strategies to improve access
Time pressuresNew baby
Other children
Special care baby unit admission
Time spent on self-management
Communication with healthcare professionalsConfidence in communicating with healthcare professionals
Knowledge base of healthcare professionals
Information provisionInformation from healthcare professionals
Written information
Online information
Past experiences
Other sources of information
ControlControl of BP
Understanding of BP
Responsibility sharing
Detection of problems
Adjustment of antihypertensive medication
Compliance with antihypertensive medication
Anxiety and stressPersonal
Impacts on lifestyle
Impact of BP monitoring
Home BP monitoringHBPM advantages
HBPM concerns
Sharing HBPM readings with healthcare professionals
White coat effect
Voluntary HBPM
Role of antenatal HBPM
Telemonitoring and self-managementEase of use
Suggested improvements
Preference for/recommendation of self-management