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Table 1 Study eligibility criteria

From: CASS (CyanoAcrylate closure versus Surgical Stripping for incompetent saphenous veins) study: a randomized controlled trial comparing clinical outcomes after cyanoacrylate closure and surgical stripping for the treatment of incompetent saphenous veins

Inclusion criteria
 Aged between 18 and 80 years
 Reflux in the great saphenous vein of > 0.5 s
 Diameter of the saphenous vein between 2 and 20 mm (standing position)
 One or more of the symptoms related to the incompetent saphenous vein
 CEAP classification of C2 through C5
Exclusion criteria
 Previous treatment in the targeted vein segment
 Tortuous vein in which the delivery catheter cannot be inserted
 Aneurysm of target-vein segment of > 20 mm
 Daily use of narcotic or pain medications to control pain associated with reflux
 Known hypercoagulable disorder
 Active malignancy
 Regular or current use of systemic anticoagulation
 Previous deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism or active acute superficial thrombophlebitis
 Unable to comply with the schedule and protocol evaluations
 Unable to ambulate
 Unable to provide informed consent
 Currently pregnant or breastfeeding
 Known sensitivity to cyanoacrylate adhesives
 Participation in another clinical study that did not reach the primary endpoint within 30 days prior to enrollment
  1. CEAP Clinical, Etiologic, Anatomic, and Pathophysiologic