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Table 1 Pulmonary Embolism Rule out Criteria (PERC), 0–8, one point for each positive item

From: MOdified DIagnostic strateGy to safely ruLe-out pulmonary embolism In the emergency depArtment: study protocol for the Non-Inferiority MODIGLIANI cluster cross-over randomized trial

Age > 50 years+ 1 point
Heart rate > 100+ 1 point
SaO2 < 95%+ 1 point
Unilateral leg swelling+ 1 point
Hemoptysis+ 1 point
Recent trauma or surgery+ 1 point
History of PE or DVT+ 1 point
Exogenestrogen use+ 1 point
  1. DVT deep venous thrombosis, PE pulmonary embolism