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Table 2 Spleen-yang deficiency pattern scale

From: Traditional Chinese medicine Lingguizhugan decoction treating non-alcoholic fatty liver disease with spleen-yang deficiency pattern: Study protocol for a multicenter randomized controlled trial

SymptomsScore (0–100)
Do you feel too lazy to speak?20%
Do you sweat often or have night sweats even though you are not active and it is not hot?5%
Do you have bland and tasteless feeling in your mouth?10%
Does your stool have a thin texture and is loose?20%
Do you feel more saliva?10%
Do you have bleeding gums?5%
Do you feel a lack of warmth in the extremities10%
Do you have insomnia/trouble sleeping at night?5%
Are you likely to catch a cold?10%
Do these symptoms affect your eating habits (such as hate greasy good)?5%