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Table 2 Priors to be used in final analysis

From: The design and statistical aspects of VIETNARMS: a strategic post-licensing trial of multiple oral direct-acting antiviral hepatitis C treatment strategies in Vietnam

  Primary analysis: uninformative Sensitivity analyses
Sceptical Enthusiastic
Control cure rate Beta(4.75, 0.25) Beta(4.75, 0.25) Beta(4.75, 0.25)
Regimen comparison N(0, 10,000) N(−0.05, 0.009) N(0, 0.009)
Strategy comparison N(0, 10,000) N(−0.1, 0.0036) N(0, 0.0036)
Ribavirin comparison N(0, 10,000) N(0, 0.009) N(0.05, 0.009)
  1. The beta prior for the control cure rate has mean 0.95 and variance 0.008
  2. The model will also be adjusted for genotype, which will have the prior N (0, 10,000) in all analyses
  3. N(m,v) is the normal prior with mean m and variance v