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Table 4 Intra-cluster correlation coefficients for patient experience and willingness to recommend

From: Intra-cluster correlation coefficients in primary care patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertension

Patient experience measuresTotalAverage cluster sizeMean (SD) or
n (%)
Patient activation score (1–3)956242.1 (1.1)0.110.06, 0.19
1. Asked for my ideas when we made a treatment plan956242.1 (1.4)0.090.05, 0.16
2. Given choices about treatment to think about956241.8 (1.3)0.090.05, 0.16
3. Asked to talk about any problems with my medicines or their effects956242.3 (1.5)0.060.03, 0.12
Delivery system design/Practice design score (4–6)956242.9 (0.9)0.110.07, 0.20
4. Given a written list of things I should do to improve my health956241.6 (1.2)0.140.09, 0.23
5. Satisfied that my care was well organized956244.2 (1.1)0.080.05, 0.15
6. Shown how what I did to take care of my illness influenced my condition956242.8 (1.5)0.060.03, 0.12
Goal setting/Tailoring score (7–11)956242.1 (0.9)0.130.08, 0.22
7. Asked to talk about my goals in caring for my illness956242.2 (1.5)0.190.12, 0.29
8. Helped to set specific goals to improve my eating or exercise956242.4 (1.5)0.090.05, 0.16
9. Given a copy of my treatment plan956242.7 (1.8)0.250.17, 0.36
10. Encouraged to go to a specific group or class to help me cope with my chronic illness956241.5 (1.0)0.070.03, 0.13
11. Asked questions either directly or on a survey, about my health habits956241.8 (1.3)0.110.06, 0.18
Proportion of patients who are willing to recommend the clinic to their friends and family95624857 (89.6)0.030, 0.06
  1. CI confidence interval, ICC intra-cluster correlation coefficient, SD standard deviation