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Table 2 Implementation evaluation

From: Evaluating a multicomponent program to improve hypertension control in Guatemala: study protocol for an effectiveness-implementation cluster randomized trial

RE-AIM/ PRISM dimensionPatient levelHealthcare provider (HCP) levelSystem level
ReachNumber of participants per health district
Representativeness of target population
EffectivenessSee Fig. 3  
Adoption Number of HCPs who participate in training sessions/total HCPs
Representativeness of HCPs who participate in training sessions
Number of health districts, health centers and posts that participate in training sessions/total
Representativeness of health districts that participate in training sessions
Implementation (fidelity, adaptation)Documentation of home-based BP measurement on patient’s card
Number of health coaching sessions received
Characteristics of training workshops for HCPs
Application of HTN algorithm by HCP
Extent to which implementation strategies (patient lists, audit and feedback, collaborative team meetings, supervision, and coaching sessions) are implemented
Specific modes of implementation by different providers
Types and frequency of delivery adaptation made
Availability of intervention inputs: medications, monitors, materials, staff
Specific modes of implementation in different sites
Maintenance (sustainability)Sustained BP control, medication adherence, lifestyle changes, quality of life, stages of behavior change at 18 monthsSustained HTN knowledge over time
Intention to continue implementation beyond study period
Adaptations needed in order to continue implementation
Intention to continue beyond study period
Adaptations needed in order to continue implementation
Fit Adaptations by healthcare providers to make the intervention and implementation strategies fit to their contextChanges at the national, state and health district level to be able to implement the intervention and implementation strategies
Sustainability infrastructure Policies or programs related to HCP hiring, training or retention
Supervision infrastructure
Audit and feedback
Support and resources from MOH leadership to implement intervention
Medication availability
Information system
BP monitors
  1. HTN hypertension, BP blood pressure, MOH Ministry of Health