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Box 6 Exemplars on reporting outcomes in the abstract

From: The adaptive designs CONSORT extension (ACE) statement: a checklist with explanation and elaboration guideline for reporting randomised trials that use an adaptive design

Example 1. Bayesian RAR dose finding AD with early stopping for efficacy or futility
“The primary outcome required, first, a greater than 90% posterior probability that the most promising levocarnitine dose decreases the Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) score at 48 h and, second (given having met the first condition), at least a 30% predictive probability of success in reducing 28-day mortality in a subsequent traditional superiority trial to test efficacy.” [142]
Example 2. Sequential-step AD
“The primary efficacy endpoint was definitive cure (absence of parasites in tissue aspirates) at 6 months. If interim analyses, based on initial cure evaluated 30 days after the start of treatment…“ [143]