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Table 5 Participant re-engagement activities

From: Retaining participants in community-based health research: a case example on standardized planning and reporting

1. Follow-up interviews (in-person or telephone)
 – Emphasize the value of participant’s contribution at each interview and review the study purpose
 – Provide breaks during lengthier interviews
2. Participant tracking and interview scheduling
 – Maintain the same field interviewer
 – Text reminders 1 week and 24 h prior to each interview
 – Attempt different modes/times/types of contact and alternative contacts (partner/friends/family)
 – Reminder of ongoing study eligibility even if previous interviews are missed
 – Offer flexibility in interview location and time and accommodate requests for rescheduling
 – Encourage participants to update team with changes in personal information
3. Specific tracking protocols
 – Identify new approaches, vary contact type and frequency, send re-engagement letter
4. Study team support
 – Review progress reports (completed or missed interviews, requests to withdraw)
 – Frequent field interviewer meetings and retention training