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Table 5 Top three perceived barriers to career development

From: Where do we go from here? – Opportunities and barriers to the career development of trial managers: a survey of UK-based trial management professionals

 Top three perceived barriers to career development
All respondentsFundingFew opportunitiesUnclear career pathway
Length of time in a trial management role
  <1–5 yearsFundingFew opportunitiesUnclear career pathway
 6- >10 yearsRecognitionFew opportunitiesUnclear career pathway
Salary scale
  <£35,000FundingFew opportunitiesUnclear career pathway, recognition, lack of time
  >£35,000Unclear career pathwayRecognitionFunding, few opportunities
Previously promoted
 YesFew opportunitiesFunding, lack of timeRecognition
 NoUnclear career pathwayFundingFew opportunities
Based in a registered clinical trials unit
 YesFew opportunitiesFundingRecognition, lack of time
 NoUnclear career pathwayFundingRecognition
Academic grade/pathway
 ProfessionalFundingFew opportunitiesRecognition
 ResearchFew opportunities, lack of timeRecognition, unclear career pathwayFunding
  1. Full wording for each barrier is as follows: “Funding” – funding; “Few opportunities” – few opportunities aside managing a trial(s); “unclear career pathway” - unclear career pathway in organisation; “recognition” – recognition of role; “lack of time” – lack of time