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Table 4 Schedule of assessments

From: Lay-therapist-delivered, low-intensity, psychosocial intervention for refugees and asylum seekers (PROSPER): protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial

 Screening and baselineRandomisation13-week follow-up26-week follow-up
Time point (weeks)0013 ± 226 ± 2
 Consent, eligibility screening and confirmation
  Written and Informed consentX   
  Assess eligibilityX   
  Confirm eligibilityX   
  Randomisation X  
  Confirm consent XXX
 Data collection
 Adverse events
  Assessment of AEsX XX
  1. Abbreviations: AEs adverse events, CSRI Client Service Receipt Inventory, HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, PCL-5 Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist for DSM-5, PHQ-9 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire, PSYCHLOPS Psychological Profiles Instrument,, WHO-5 World Health Organisation Five Wellbeing Index, WHODAS World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Schedule