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Table 2 PROSPER feasibility measures

From: Lay-therapist-delivered, low-intensity, psychosocial intervention for refugees and asylum seekers (PROSPER): protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial

ObjectiveOutcome measureTime point(s) of evaluation
To assess the feasibility of the proposed procedures for recruiting distressed AS&Rs as study participantsNumber of asylum seekers and refugees (AS&Rs) recruitedBaseline
To assess feasibility of randomisationSuccessful randomisation of participantsBaseline (randomisation)
To assess the feasibility of retaining study participants through to trial completionNumber of study participants in the trial (assessed in individual arms)26 weeks
To assess the acceptability and utility of specified primary and secondary outcome measuresCompletion of study measures and estimation of between group differences
Evaluation of outcome measures
Baseline, 13 weeks, 26 weeks