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Table 1 Schedule of screening, enrollment and assessment

From: Relapse after conservative surgery combined with triptorelin acetate versus conservative surgery only in women with focal adenomyosis: study protocol for a multicenter, prospective, randomized controlled trial

EvaluationScreeningEnrollmentTime of follow up after surgery (month)
Written consent        
Inclusion/exclusion criteria        
Medical history        
Physical exam        
Safety test (preoperative examination)        
FSH, E2, AMH, CA125 
Side effects  
VAS and NRS 
SF-36 and FSFI 
PBAC score 
  1. 2D/3D-CDUS/MRI two/three-dimensional color doppler ultrasonography/magnetic resonance imaging, FSH follicle stimulating hormone, E2 estradiol, AMH anti-Muellerian hormone, CA125 cancer antigen 125, VAS visual analogue scale, NRS numeric rating scale, SF-36 Short Form-36 Health Survey, FSFI Female Sexual Function index, PBAC pictorial blood loss assessment chart