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Table 1 Acupressure intervention protocol

From: Acupressure to improve sleep quality of older people in residential aged care: a randomised controlled trial protocol

Acupressure sessions and length of intervention• 12-min session, three times per week for 4 weeks
• Daytime (9 a.m.–5 p.m.), following the convenient time for study participants
Selection of acupoints1. Shenmen (HT7) on both hands
2. Neiguan (PC6) on both hands
3. Sanyinjiao (SP6) on both legs
Sequence and time of acupressure application per pointApply finger pressure for 2 min on each point with the following sequence:
1. PC6 in left hand
2. PC6 in right hand
3. HT7 in left hand
4. HT7 in right hand
5. SP6 on left leg
6. SP6 on right leg
Acupressure technique• Apply consistent finger or thumb pressure on each point in circular motion
• Circular motion in clockwise for 1 min and counter-clockwise for 1 min
• Intensity of pressure adjusted according to the person’s level of tolerance