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Table 1 EMPOWER-SUSTAIN Self-Management e-Health Intervention

From: The EMPOWER-SUSTAIN e-Health Intervention to improve patient activation and self-management behaviours among individuals with Metabolic Syndrome in primary care: study protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial

Chronic Care Model elements Crucial components Intervention
Decision support Decision support for physicians to translate CPG recommendations into day-to-day clinical practice [48,49,50] EMPOWER-SUSTAIN Training Workshop for PCPs to use web-based desktop and mobile applications and to reinforce the use of relevant CPG for management and prescribing
Self-management support Self-management support to facilitate patient activation and behaviour change [51,52,53,54] PCPs to support and empower patients with knowledge, skills and confidence in using the EMPOWER-SUSTAIN mobile application and the EMPOWER-SUSTAIN Global CV Risks Self-Management Booklet using the persuasive technology approach
Delivery system design Delivery system design through the EMPOWER-SUSTAIN clinic to improve continuity of care and patient–physician relationship [55,56,57] The EMPOWER-SUSTAIN Self-Management e-Health Intervention will be delivered by PCP at baseline and 3-month and 6-month follow-up visits in the EMPOWER-SUSTAIN clinic to ensure continuity of care and sustainability
  1. CPG Clinical practice guidelines, PCP Primary care physician