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Table 10 Summary of themes identified

From: Using digital tools in the recruitment and retention in randomised controlled trials: survey of UK Clinical Trial Units and a qualitative study

Theme 1: Security and transparency
- Security and legitimacy of information and data [sharing]
- Efficiency and transparency of information and data
Theme 2: Inclusivity and engagement
- Equity and inclusion of populations
- Recognition of the ability / inability to use digital tools
Theme 3: Human interaction
- Trade-off between human face to face and digital tools
- Lose sight of human interface and the importance of face-to-face connection
Theme 4: Obstacles and risks
- Obstacles preventing the use of digital tools (e.g. evidence, barriers, solutions)
- Risk of technology overload
Theme 5: Potential benefits
- Unknown potential for the use of digital tools (e.g. evidence)
- Reducing the burden on participants (e.g. convenience, time)