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Table 4 Measurable outcomes

From: Evaluation of the effects of pycnogenol (French maritime pine bark extract) supplementation on inflammatory biomarkers and nutritional and clinical status in traumatic brain injury patients in an intensive care unit: A randomized clinical trial protocol

Outcome Time frame Measurement method
Change of inflammatory markers: IL-6 a, IL-1β b 5 and 10 days ELISA kit
Change of inflammatory marker: CRP c 5 and 10 days Auto analyzer
Change of oxidative stress markers: MDA d, TAC e 5 and 10 days Calorimetry*
Change of weight 5 and 10 days Portable scale “Balas”
Change of body fat percentage 5 and 10 days Bio impedance device “Inbody”
Change of body mass index 5 and 10 days Equation
Change of APCHE ІІ f score 5 and 10 days APCHEІІ score questionnaire
Change of SOFA g score 3, 5, 7, 9, 10 day SOFA score questionnaire
Change of NUTRIC score 5 and 10 days NUTRIC score questionnaire
28-day mortality 28 days Telephone follow-up
  1. a Interleukin-6. b Interleukin-1β. c C-reactive protein. d Malondialdehyde. e Total antioxidant capacity f Acute physiologic and chronic health evaluation II. g Sequential organ failure assessment
  2. *Colorimetry is a scientific technique that is used to determine the concentration of colored compounds in solutions by the application of the Beer–Lambert law, which states that the concentration of a solute is proportional to the absorbance