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Table 3 Hemodynamic state definitions

From: Impact of point-of-care ultrasound on the hospital length of stay for internal medicine inpatients with cardiopulmonary diagnosis at admission: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial—the IMFCU-1 (Internal Medicine Focused Clinical Ultrasound) study

  Normal Hypovolemia Vasodilated Primary systolic failure Primary diastolic failure Systolic and diastolic failure RV failurea
LV volume Normal Decreased Normal Increased Normal/decreased Increased RV increased
LV systolic function Normal Normal/Decreased Increased Decreased Normal Decreased RV decreased
LA filling pressure Normal Decreased Normal Normal Increased Increased Increased
  1. Hemodynamic state is defined based on LV volume, LV systolic function, and LA filling pressure
  2. a RV failure can be a hemodynamic state by itself or in combination with LV failure
  3. LA left atrium, LV left ventricle, RV right ventricle