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Table 1 Schedule for screening, intervention and follow-up (test visit)

From: Effects of lutein supplementation on inflammatory biomarkers and metabolic risk factors in adults with central obesity: study protocol for a randomised controlled study

(−4 week)
Test visit 1
(week 0)
Test visit 2
(week 6)
Test visit 3
(week 12)
Screening questionnaireX   
Demographic dataX   
Medication, health status and any changesXXXX
Informed consentX   
Height and weightXXXX
Waist circumference and hip circumferenceXXXX
Body composition (bioelectric impedance)XXXX
Blood pressureXXXX
Blood sampleXXXX
Allocation X  
Physical activity questionnaire XXX
Mini-mental State Examination X X
24-h diet recall XXX
Spot urine sampleXX X
Faecal sample X X
Provided supply of capsules XX 
Tablet count  XX
Compliance assessment  XX
Assess adverse reactions  XX
Collect unused test product  XX