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Table 3 Evaluation criteria on the therapeutic efficiency

From: Efficacy and safety of Guhong injection for treating coronary microvascular disease: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Three-graded criteria Detailed description Classification
Significant improvement Anginal attacks disappeared or significantly improved, decreased by 80%; electrocardiogram (ECG) returned to normal or substantially normal Significantly effective
Improvement Anginal attacks improved or the frequency of anginal attacks decreased by 50–80%; the descending ST segment of the ECG rose ≥ 0.05 mV, and the ascending ST segment fell ≥ 0.05 mV, but still did not return to normal; or the T wave of the main ECG lead changed from flat to upright; or the T wave changed from inverted to shallow by more than 50% Effective
No improvement No change or even aggravation of anginal attacks, no decrease or even increase of the frequency of angina pectoris attacks, no change or even aggravation of ECG ST-T segment No effect