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Table 3 Evaluation criteria on the therapeutic efficiency

From: Efficacy and safety of Guhong injection for treating coronary microvascular disease: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Three-graded criteriaDetailed descriptionClassification
Significant improvementAnginal attacks disappeared or significantly improved, decreased by 80%; electrocardiogram (ECG) returned to normal or substantially normalSignificantly effective
ImprovementAnginal attacks improved or the frequency of anginal attacks decreased by 50–80%; the descending ST segment of the ECG rose ≥ 0.05 mV, and the ascending ST segment fell ≥ 0.05 mV, but still did not return to normal; or the T wave of the main ECG lead changed from flat to upright; or the T wave changed from inverted to shallow by more than 50%Effective
No improvementNo change or even aggravation of anginal attacks, no decrease or even increase of the frequency of angina pectoris attacks, no change or even aggravation of ECG ST-T segmentNo effect