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Table 3 Details of events classified as Social adverse events (AEs)

From: Monitoring adverse social and medical events in public health trials: assessing predictors and interpretation against a proposed model of adverse event reporting

Social AE detail (primary reason)Number of events (%)InterventionControl
Adoption/fostering19 (7.4%)10 (7.8%)9 (7.0%)
Composite Abuse Scale identified serious domestic abuse during 2-year interview33 (12.8%)13 (10.1%)20 (15.6%)
Domestic abuse35 (13.6%)17 (13.2%)18 (14.1%)
Safeguarding of mother or child168 (65.4%)87 (67.4%)81 (63.3%)
Social conditions2 (0.8%)2 (1.6%)0 (0.0%)