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Table 1 Study plan detailing the procedures

From: The PROMOTE study (High-protein and resistance-training combination in overweight and obesity) for short-term weight loss and long-term weight maintenance for Chinese people: a protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial

Study periodScreeningIntervention period
Visit (V)V1V2V3V4V5V6V7V8V9V10
Study week−1 (±2 days)Randomization1 (±2 days)2 (±2 days)3 (±2 days)4 (±2 days)5 (±2 days)6 (±2 days)7 (±2 days)8 (±2 days)
Telephone visit      
 Written informed consent         
 Inclusion/exclusion criteria        
 Physical examination, height, and weight         
 Medical/ current conditions         
 History of diabetes and complications         
 Instruction of diet and exercises  
 Vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate)       
 Body weight
 Waist circumference, hip circumference
 Body fat percentage, lean body mass        
 Hematology panel        
 Liver function        
 Creatinine, uric acid        
 Glucose, insulin        
 Adverse events 
 Diet management knowledge         
 Self-efficacy scale