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Table 1 Composition of the multi-micronutrient supplement

From: Effects of school-based physical activity and multi-micronutrient supplementation intervention on growth, health and well-being of schoolchildren in three African countries: the KaziAfya cluster randomised controlled trial protocol with a 2 × 2 factorial design

No.NutrientAverage per 1 tablet
1β-carotene (as BetTab 20%S)3.6 mg
2Vitamin D400 IU/10 mcg
3Vitamin E9 mg TE
4Vitamin K30 mcg
5Vitamin C60 mg
6Vitamin B1 Thiamine1.1 mg
7Vitamin B2 Riboflavin1.3 mg
8Vitamin B6 Pyriodoxine0.5 mg
9Vitamin B121.2 mcg
10Folic acid200 mcg
11Niacinamide8 mg
12Iron (added as Fe-EDTA)8 mg
13Zinc (added as zinc oxide)5 mg
14Selenium (added as sodium selenite anhydrous)20 mcg
15Iodine (added as potassium iodate)100 mcg
  1. Notes. Ingredients 1–15 are nutrients and will be produced with an overage to ensure required amounts during the shelf life
  2. Inactive ingredients: sugar, citric acid, sorbitol, non-nutritive sweetener, flavour
  3. Placebo tablets do not contain nutrients, but colorants will be added
  4. Dosage and directions: one tablet daily during the first school lesson
  5. The tablets will be stored in a climate-controlled storage room at the respective research institution and will be provided to school on a fortnightly basis. At school, the tablets will be stored in locked cupboards in the teachers’ room