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Table 2 Effect of organ donation education on students’ registration intentions

From: The effectiveness of an interactive organ donation education intervention for Dutch lower-educated students: a cluster randomized controlled trial

 Intention to registerdich
(odds of yes versus no)
Intention to register (0 = no/1 = yes/2 = don’t know)Intention to register as a donordich
(odds of yes versus no)
(odds of yes versus no)(odds of don’t know versus no)
OR (95%CI)POR (95%CI)POR (95%CI)POR (95%CI)P
Intervention group (experimental versus control)1.81 (1.10–2.96).021.93 (1.30–2.85).0011.22 (0.82–1.82).331.08 (0.67–1.73).76
  1. P values < .05 are printed in bold