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Table 1 Overview of enrollment and assessment schedule

From: Evaluation of the efficacy of simplified nutritional instructions from physicians on dietary salt restriction for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus consuming excessive salt: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

 Study period
Timepoint–8 weeks08 weeks16 weeks24 weeks
  Eligibility screenX 
  Informed consentX 
  Allocation X 
 Guidance on dietary salt restriction X 
 Informing of salt intake: 
  Intervention groups XXXX
  Control groups X 
(both groups)
 Dietary salt intakeXXXX 
 Medication reviewXXXX 
 Body weightXXXX 
 Blood pressureXXXX 
 Hemoglobin A1cXXXX 
 Fasting blood glucoseXXXX 
 Serum lipid profileXXXX 
 Renal functionXXXX 
 Liver functionXXXX 
 Urinary sodium/potassium ratioXXXX 
 Urinary albumin excretionXXXX