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Table 1 Fidelity assessment strategy

From: Promoting Independence in Dementia (PRIDE): protocol for a feasibility randomised controlled trial

Monitoring facilitator training
 Standardised trainingAll facilitators receive the same training programme• Training delivered by the same trainer(s)
• Attendance registers for training
• Training observation checklists
 Facilitator skill acquisitionAll facilitators participate in the training in a similar way
Did training equip facilitators with required skills
• Completion of training exercises
• Training observation checklist
• Focus group
Monitoring intervention delivery
 Comparable treatmentAll participants receive the same programme• Offer of 3 sessions
• Attendance register for 3 sessions
• All participants receive a manual
 Risk to implementationRecruitment of suitable facilitators• Facilitator job description
 Standardised deliveryAll facilitators using the same techniques and content from the manual and training• Intervention delivery checklist
• Focus group
 Minimise drift in skills/deliveryAdherence to training content and delivery across sites• Focus group
Monitoring receipt of intervention
 Participant attendance and engagementNumbers of participants attending sessions
Participants identifying a goal(s)
• Attendance register for 3 sessions
• Register of topics/goals covered from the manual
• Focus group