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Table 4 Facilitator training and delivery

From: Challenges in the design, planning and implementation of trials evaluating group interventions

 Total number of facilitators fully trainedNumber of training sessions - actual (planned)Number delivering at least one group session
LM [2]52 (2)6 a
PLINY [3]103 (6)3
STEPWISE [5]44 b6 (4)14
JtD [1]69 c12 (4)60
  1. a Includes the Chief Investigator who did not require training as they developed the intervention
  2. b Foundation training and booster training was delivered separately; here we only include those attending both courses
  3. c Supervisors were also trained in the intervention and have not been included in these numbers
  4. Note: REPOSE [4] is not included in this table as the course ran outside of the trial and therefore the facilitators were trained and managed outside of the research team