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Table 1 Main differences between the new room and the regular room

From: Room4Birth - the effect of an adaptable birthing room on labour and birth outcomes for nulliparous women at term with spontaneous labour start: study protocol for a randomised controlled superiority trial in Sweden

ContentNew roomRegular birthing room
Size23.8 m219 m2
Entrance hallYes, 3 m2No
Toilet with showerYesYes
Window, openingYes, hidden if media installation in useYes
LightingYes, several options with dimming functionYes, several options, no dimming
SilencerYes, a 40-mm suspended sound absorber in the ceilingNo
Media installationYes, installation covers two walls, including the window. Offers choice of programmed nature scenes with light, sound effects and musicNo
Birthing bed, ordinaryYes, covered with homelike bedspreadYes, no bedspread
Medico technical equipmentYes, hidden behind a wood-panel wall, which is rolled up when necessaryYes, fully visible
Rounded corners on furnitureYes, someNo
SofaYes, can be converted to an extra bed for companionNo
Chair for companionYes, designed for comfort, adjustable heightYes, ordinary model
Pilates ballYesNo
Birth support ropeYesNo
Cabinet for personal belongingsYes, with ability to recharge electronic devices such as mobile phoneNo