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Table 2 TCM symptom score

From: Effects of the Chinese herbal formula San-Huang Gu-Ben Zhi-Ke treatment on stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: study protocol of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Main symptom (score) Normal (0) Light (2) Medium (4) Severe (6)
Cough No Intermittent cough during the day Cough during day and night without affecting work and sleep Cough frequently during day and night which affects work and sleep
Sputum No A small amount of sputum Sputum and wheezy phlegm A large amount of sputum and loud wheezy phlegm
Shortness of breath No Shortness of breath after work Fatigue and shortness of breath Short of breath when quiet
Secondary symptoms Normal (0) Light (1) Medium (2) Severe (3)
Spontaneous perspiration No Sweat while eating Intermittent sweat Sweat soaks clothes, sweat more after work
Loss of appetite No Loss of appetite, but eat as usual Eat less but not under one-third of usual Eat less than one-third of usual
Weak No Can do light physical work Can’t do physical work General fatigue, intend to stay in bed
Abdominal distention and loose stool No Light abdominal distention and the stool is not forming Abdominal distention is obvious and loose stool Abdominal distention is obvious and water-like stool