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Table 1 Assess Respiratory Risk in Surgical Patients in Catalonia (ARISCAT) risk score in the logistic regression model

From: PROtective Ventilation with a low versus high Inspiratory Oxygen fraction (PROVIO) and its effects on postoperative pulmonary complications: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

 βcoefficientScore *
Age (years)
 ≤ 5000
 > 801.61916
Preoperative SpO2 (%)
 ≥ 9600
 ≤ 902.37524
Respiratory infection in the last month
Preoperative anemia (Hb ≤10 g/dl)
Surgical incision
 Upper abdominal2.43124
Duration of surgery (h)
 ≤ 21.5930
 > 30.76823
Emergency procedure
  1. *A risk score ≥ 26 predicts an intermediate to high risk for postoperative pulmonary complications after abdominal surgery. The simplified risk score was the sum of each logistic regression coefficient multiplied by 10, after rounding off its value
  2. Hb hemoglobin