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Table 1 List of study measures by timepoint

From: Collaborative care model for treatment of persistent symptoms after concussion among youth (CARE4PCS-II): Study protocol for a randomized, controlled trial

Construct Measure Screen Base-line 3 months 6 months 12 months
History of TBI   P P    P
Post-concussive symptoms HBI A, P A, P A, P A, P A, P
Depressive symptoms PHQ-9   A, P, PS A, P, PS A, P, PS A, P, PS
Anxiety symptoms Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 item, revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale   A, PS A, PS A, PS A, PS
Quality of life Peds Quality of Life   A, P A, P A, P A, P
Exposure to life stress–adolescent UCLA Reaction Index Trauma History, at baseline; Life Events Checklist–Child Form at 6 and 12 months   A   A A
Exposure to life stress–parent National Comorbidity Study –Trauma History measure at baseline; LES at 6 and 12 months   PS   PS PS
Sleep Adolescent Sleep-Wake Scale   A A A A
Headache TBI-QL–Headache Pain   A A A A
School attendance and performance Questionnaire and school records   P, SR P P P, SR
Satisfaction with care Client Satisfaction Questionnaire     A, PS  
Prior psychiatric history Questionnaire   P    
Demographic characteristics Questionnaire   PS    
Health Service and Medication Utilization Questionnaire   P P P P
  1. A adolescent, P parent report of youth, PS parent self-report, SR school records, TBI traumatic brain injury