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Table 1 Costing of research nurse time per centre

From: Design, planning and implementation lessons learnt from a surgical multi-centre randomised controlled trial

Activity Cost
Year 1 (recruitment and follow-up):
 Research nurse to screen and recruit patients (recruitment activity). Research costs (research acitivty): 0.3 whole time equivalent (WTE) of a research nurse for the 12 month recruitment period for research activity.
 Undertake data collection for the research, data entry, monitoring and meeting attendance (research activity). Service support costs (recruitment activity): 0.7 WTE - We looked the LRNs to make up a full time post (based on our assumption about recruitment activity).
Year 2 (follow-up only):
 12 month follow-up (a half hour telephone interview plus data entry) and closeout visit, plus support for any monitoring and audit activity required. Research costs: £300 per participant recruited