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Table 3 ProCCard trial schedule during the study period

From: Multimodal cardioprotective strategy in cardiac surgery (the ProCCard trial): Study protocol for a multicenter randomized controlled trial

  Preoperative day Day of surgery Postoperative day Hospital discharge Postoperative day
Baseline Before aortic unclamping ICU arrival H4-H8-H12 H24-H48-H72   Day 30
Eligibility screen x        
Informed consent x        
Randomization   x       
High-sensitivity troponin I   x    x x   
Blood glucose level   x x x     
Arterial lactate   x   x x (H8)    
Arterial pH    x x     
Creatininemia x    x   x   
ECG x    x   x   
Trans-thoracic echocardiography x       x  
Quality of life x        x
Visit before hospital discharge        x  
Phone call         x
Adverse events   x x x x x x x