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Table 2 Perioperative protocol in each of the two treatment arms

From: Multimodal cardioprotective strategy in cardiac surgery (the ProCCard trial): Study protocol for a multicenter randomized controlled trial

  Control group Treated group
Maintenance of anesthesia Propofol Sevoflurane
RIPC No Three cycles of: 5 min inflation to 200 mmHg/5 min deflation
Intraoperative blood glucose (BG) management BG control every 60 min. Intravenous insulin infusion if BG greater than 180 mg/ml BG control every 30 min. Intravenous insulin infusion if BG greater than 140 mg/ml
pH level at the end of CPB, before aortic unclamping pH ≥ 7.40 pH ≤ 7.30
Gentle reperfusion No Gradual recovery of the CPB flow (initial recovery of the flow at 20% of the theoretical flow, with an increase of 20% every 30 s, until complete restoration in 2 min)