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Table 2 Study procedures of the trial

From: The efficacy and safety of Shenzhu Guanxin Recipe Granules for the treatment of patients with coronary artery disease: protocol for a double-blind, randomized controlled trial

Study procedures Baseline Treatment period Follow-up period
Time point 0 3-month 6-month 12-month
Outcome measures     
Clinical data    
Coronary artery CT   
Therapeutic evaluation
 Blood lipids   
 Scores of CM symptoms
 ALT, AST   
 Creatinine, blood urea nitrogen   
Safety indicators
 Blood glucose   
 Drug interaction
 Adverse event  
 Compliance observation  
 Medicine treatment
  1. Note: CRP C-reactive protein, CT computed tomography, SAQ The Seattle Angina Questionnaire, CM Chinese medicine, ALT alanine aminotransferase, AST aspartate aminotransferase