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Table 2 Overview of assessment occasions and their content

From: A randomized controlled trial of an Internet-based intervention for eating disorders and the added value of expert-patient support: study protocol

  1. Note: The Inclusion of Other in the Self scale (IOS scale; 0.5 min to complete) will be sent at week 3 of the intervention for all participants in a condition with expert-patient support. Attrition follow-up questions will be sent only to participants who do not respond to the assessments
  2. FU follow-up, WCS Weight Concerns Scale, SEED Short Evaluation of Eating Disorders, PHQ-4 Patient Health Questionnaire, EDE-Q Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire, GSES General Self-Efficacy Scale, SSL Social Support List, RSES Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, EQ-5D-5 L EuroQol five dimensions, five levels generic health index, ICECAP-A ICEpop CAPability measure for Adults, TiC-P MIDI Trimbos/iMTA questionnaire for Costs associated with Psychiatric Illness Midi version, PCQ Productivity Costs Questionnaire