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Table 1 Project management

From: Outcomes for Pressure Ulcer Trials (OUTPUTs): protocol for the development of a core domain set for trials evaluating the clinical efficacy or effectiveness of pressure ulcer prevention interventions

Project team Methodological Advisory Board
• Balzer Katrin, Germany
• Coleman Susanne, UK
• Kottner Jan, Germany
• Lechner Anna, Germany
• Muir Delia, UK
• Nixon Jane, UK
• Bagley Heather, UK
• Beeckman Dimitri, Belgium
• Chaboyer Wendy, Australia
• Cuddigan Janet, US
• Moore Zena, Ireland
• Rutherford Claudia, Australia
• Schmitt Jochen, Germany
• Identification of outcomes by performing a scoping review
• Conducting workshops with service users to identify outcomes not captured by scoping review
• Organizing Delphi surveys and a face-to-face meeting to find consensus on Core Domain Set
• Methodological and content advice
• Participating in Delphi surveys and face-to-face meeting