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Table 2 Mindful-compassion art therapy weekly session plan

From: A novel mindful-compassion art therapy (MCAT) for reducing burnout and promoting resilience for end-of-life care professionals: a waitlist RCT protocol

Mindful-compassion art therapy activity Time allocation Interventionist
Check-in and review (MP and AT) 10 min AT and MP
Mindfulness meditation with guided visualization (MP) 20 min MP
Facilitated art-making (AT) 50 min AT
Break 15 min -
Mindful breathing 5 min MP
Reflective art observation, transformative art, creative Response writing, collective mural 30 min AT
Small group discussion 20 min AT and MP
Large group discussion 25 min AT and MP
Mindful breathing and checkout 5 min MP
  1. Abbreviations: AT art therapist, MP mindfulness practitioner